12 Feb 2010

grub in a newsletter

Hate it when the mail gets all crinkly! Mail box is too small...

A fair few months ago, I was asked by Tsunagaaru staff if I could allow them to publish one of my articles I posted on the forum (which they will shorten) in a newsletter. It was nothing bad, and my net friend on Tsunagaaru had already said yes, I said yes immediately to stop any delays.

Saying yes, we both had to fill in a questionnaire and survey about our experiences of the forum. It was actually pretty easy to do.

Message - click to enlarge

I was really surprised to see a letter from The Japan Forum with a thank-you note attached to two copies of the newsletter. Actually, I was going to go online and have a look, but it was really nice that they sent me hard copies of the magazine.

Although has nothing to do with this blog, I hope it's a small step to future publications.

Part of my article - click to enlarge

My article was about Australian schools which my net friend found interest in and decided to post a comment, which followed a series of comments after.

Tsunagaaru is a really good place to study Japanese especially if you're in school (since you need to be a student to participate). You can read about Japanese student's lives, read about other students living in other countries and even post your own story! A bit like blogging, however there are a few rules to abide to.

I highly recommend you join this forum to learn Japanese :)

Grub was featured in The Japan Forum's 国際文化フォーラム通信 No. 85 2010 January Edition page 13. If you are interested, the newsletter can be found and read here.