17 May 2010

autumn harvest frittata

Seasonal vegetables found in the pantry and fridge

Today marks the 100 days of success for the Year 11s at my school. Unfortunately the Year 12 food tech class did not follow the yearly tradition of catering for the event :( Had frees periods 3/4 and since there was no business class scheduled for the afternoon, I was free to go home at recess.

Instead of catering for the Year 11s, I returned home to cater for my own lunch and the leftovers as a side dish for dinner :D

Did not go to Coles on my way back so just made use of what I had in the house. Apparently the ingredients I used were seasonal vegetables for Autumn therefore the title I have given it.


autumn harvest frittata
an original recipe created by me, grub :)

170 - 180 degrees Celsius
fan forced

makes a half filled 20 cm diameter cake tin
  • slightly more than 1/8 of a small pumpkin
  • handful of french beans
  • 4 baby chat potatoes
  • 1 large onion
  • 50 g tasty cheese
  • 4 rashers bacon (omit for vegetarian option)
  • 2 Tb vegetable oil
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • salt and pepper to taste


1. Wash all vegetables and prepare them.
- Peel the pumpkin skin and use a peeler to shave "ribbons".
- Snip off the ends of the french beans and dice into small bits.
- Peel potatoes and leave them in water.
- Dice onion.

2. Cut bacon into small squares and dice cheese into small cubes.

3. In a heated frying pan, add the oil and swirl it around the pan. Add the onion and fry until lightly browned and fragrant. Add the bacon,beans and seasoning and fry until bacon is lightly browned. Remove from heat and let the vegetable and bacon mix cool.

4. Beat 6 eggs, milk and seasoning together in a large mixing bowl.

5. Add the pumpkin "ribbons", grate potatoes over the mixture and add diced cheese cubes. Mix thoroughly before adding the cooled vegetable and bacon mix.

Note: The potato was not grated earlier since it will oxidise (discolour).

6. Line a 20 cm cake tin with foil and lightly grease foil with vegetable oil and pour eggs and vegetable mixture into the cake tin. Lightly season on top.

7. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 30 - 40 minutes or until the egg mixture is set and golden on top.

Can be eaten hot from the oven or cold. Hrm don't know if it was my blocked nose, but I couldn't really taste the vegetables. At least I know they are in there and I'm eating them :)