8 May 2010

time consuming - cookie crusted cream puffs

Watch this space - going to replace this photo because I used flash and, I don't like it :P

Something I wanted to do in a long time but never had the time to. This was a three part recipe in which each part had a different recipe to it.
  • Choux pastry was from a previous combination I had made earlier in the year
  • Cookie dough was from Martha Stewart
  • Pastry cream was from a Japanese Nintendo DS game titled しゃべるDSお料理ナビまるごと帝国ホテル which I believe is "Talking DS Cooking Navigation - Imperial Hotel" if you do direct translation

The outcome of it wasn't what I had expected it to be. I think the time spent didn't justify the taste, but the pastry cream made up for the choux. At least the process of making it was fun :)

Don't know if it's suitable for my "Japanese" theme for my food tech folio, but I guess it should be okay, as シュウクリーム are popular? in Japan. Considering it at the moment.

On a note, I re-discovered my dad's old Canon film camera and I'll be using it when I do anything interesting (hrm wonder if I'm going to get any weird glances). Film processing seems expensive. Going to go price check soon.

This look pretty XD so I took a photo of it LOL

Combining the custard and whipped cream

It was challenging to clear this space just to put the baking tray in - before this, the whole rack was filled with frozen boxed food and frozen Japanese salads and salmon fillets

Sugar cookie crusted top

Frozen choux pastry topped with sugar cookie dough