1 Nov 2009

perry & ジャーマンポテト

This was the kitten I was talking about last week (it only has Asian eyes when it's sleeping, see Thangstahh's post) It grew so much in a week. L said she was going to starve it so it doesn't grow any bigger XD I took 4 photos of the kitten, but because it doesn't like me and the camera it used it's super flinching power, therefore it blurred the photo.

ジャーマンポテト @ レタスクラブ

I tried to make German potatoes, using a recipe from Lettuce Club. The recipe was very straightforward and easy to make.

My take on German potatoes

Served this at dinner and finished it. Have a bit left for my lunch tomorrow as well.

Afro parsely, $3.50 @ K-Mart

Because I need garnishes for my dishes, I decided to buy some parsley. I was looking for mint in particular, but they didn't have any. Settled on parsley instead. The sweet basil plant was looking good as well. Hope to expand the collection of herbs.

Heard it was 33゜C tomorrow. Great! Too bad I don't get to enjoy the long weekend. School tomorrow...