31 Oct 2009


'tis the hottest day of the week. As you probably already know, I HATE the hot weather so I am really not enjoying myself right now. To top it off, my dad just had a cook a HUMONGOUS pot of soup noodles. Eating soup noodles in 30゜C really isn't one of my fortes. Actually I think eating soup noodles in this weather is just plain absurd.

Soup noodles is for dinner and because I didn't want to eat it, I decided to make tea flavoured french toast using a Japanese recipe from Lettuce Club. Unfortunately, the tea flavour was really faint, I should have known better to add more than the recipe indicated since I like strong tea. But coating the toast in honey seemed to work. It actually tasted good.

The recipe! Maybe it was because I added the whole egg and not 1/2 an egg as indicated...

Used this instead of tea bags

To my horror it wasn't tea leaves -_- Got to go buy tea leaves!

It was bland on its own. But after it was literally coated with honey (golden syrup indicated in the recipe) it tasted much, much better. Probably add more tea tips next time.