7 Sep 2009

reminiscent memories

Photos for Sars of red bean agar agar :)

My mum made these last night while I just watched (trying to 'tou see' hehehe). Making these is kinda similar to making jelly with gelatine. However the texture is way different to gelatine. Agar agar is more firmer and smooth whilst gelatine is more of an aeroplane jelly texture (OK...what I said just didn't make sense).

Eating these do bring back memories! (for me anyway) Grew up on rice, which explains why I am a 饭桶 (rice barrel - literal meaning) and I guess I have always liked the taste of red beans. Had it after dinner all the time when I was a kid. ALWAYS preferred the red bean version of everything :) Either in potong (Malaysian style block ice), ice cream, mantou fillings, agar agar, 红豆雪糕冰 (red bean ice cream drink), ANYTHING! Just LOVE it to bits. Hehehe I guess my addiction was also passed on to Sars!! Last we went to Ishikai, we ordered it and she can't get enough! But I reckon the drink was crap in Ishikai because they used soy milk, the one in Dessert House is more original with the ice cream floating on top! Have a feeling the milky substance is condensed milk mixed with water. Will definitely try to recreate it next time!
Hrm through observing I kinda got the recipe in my mind. This is not an official recipe as I was just watching and remembering what I can. But do give it a shot!

Red bean agar agarrecipe taken through observation, so not sure if it's 100% correct

makes a fair amount for a few days
  • 5 bowls of water
    ( - bowls as in those asian rice bowls)
  • 3 bowls of sweet red bean soup without coconut milk (红豆沙)
    (ours had red beans and black glutinous rice)
  • 1 packet agar agar powder
  • sugar to taste
  • 2 bowls coconut milk
  1. Combine water and sweet red bean soup in a pot. Stir to combine.
  2. When warm, add the agar agar powder. Keep stirring the liquid.
  3. Add the sugar and continue to stir until the liquid boils.
  4. When the mixture comes to boiling point, stir in the coconut cream and stir to combine.
  5. Pour mixture into individual moulds or small bowls.
  6. Leave to set at room temperature and transfer to refrigerater to cool.
Cross section. The goodness of red beans!
Haha and just to match the theme of "reminiscent memories" I took a photo which reminded me of something in the past. Only these are my sister's shoes and not mine xD

Original photo before going through saturation in Photoshop.
"Memories are something you will never leave behind"
P.S to Heolin and Thangstahh - Hope you guys have a good time and a safe trip! Bus-ing is gonna be one of the highlights xD