30 Sep 2009

not quite chocolate balls

Magster asked me if I knew of a recipe which doesn't require use of an oven (since she doesn't have one), using everyday ingredients and is easy to do. She wanted to make jelly but had no gelatine/ agar agar powder, so that did work out so well. I suggested making dorayaki and some other stuff but then I didn't think she'd like to "watch over"the pot of adzuki beans which takes up more than an hour. So my last suggestion was to make chocolate balls. Which is not quite "chocolate" since it doesn't even taste like chocolate or even contain any traces of chocolate!

Well the name of this recipe has been passed down from a long time ago. "Chocolate balls" in Grade 1 where we made these for a demo on instructions and methods, in which we made fruit punch as well. The name "chocolate balls" then changed to "chocolate truffles" in Year 7 where we made these for a prac. And I'm going to call them "not quite chocolate balls" since they are ball-shaped but not quite chocolate flavoured.

I told Magster the recipe on MSN, but it was all in jumbled order since we were chatting in between messages. So here it is :)

chocolate balls

makes around 30 balls

  • 1 packet Marie biscuits
    (250 grams of any type of sweet biscuit would do as well)
  • 1 cup of desiccated coconut
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa, sifted
  • 1 can of sweetened condense milk


1. Crush the biscuits until they resemble crumbs.

Note: You can do this in a food processor, or put it in a bag and smash it with a rolling pin (or any other tool you like) Or any other way which results in the biscuits resembling crumbs in the end :)

2. Add the coconut and cocoa powder. Stir until the mixture has an even brown colour.

3. Add the condense milk and stir until everything sticks together.

4. Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls. Roll them in extra coconut.