3 Jun 2009

grub town

So where did the name "grub town" come from.

Well, I thought of this name quite a long time ago...one year (during my Year 10 days). You see, it was during one of those maths class, where the teacher didn't check our books and if we understood the process we didn't have to do much. Anyway I sat in the back row for bludging purposes...yes, I HATED maths last year and still do...didn't understand (or as lief92 said, I didn't want to understand it...yes he's probably on the right track there...)

One of the topics we studied was linear graphs and programming. HATED that topic...practically because I had no idea what the teacher was on about and kinda irritated the two geniuses in my class trying to explain to me. So I pretended to do the work. It's a miracle the teacher never found out I skipped like 2 whole chapters XD...too late for that now!

Well, with linear work we had to draw graphs and stuff, so I had my graph book. Started doodling on the front cover and eventually created labelled a whole town! At that time I started a windows live space but it was hard to use so I deleted it and put off the idea of blogging for a while.

Well, I recently picked up blogging again and I'm really addicted to it. XD That's a bad thing...but...yer...

Well I asked lief92 just then for the scan since I gave him the hard copy (I wonder if he still has it...)

grub town established on #010508

The creator, signing off!

Edit: So Lalarhs asked where did the name 'grub' come from. Well, Grub was one of the characters in one of Jackie French's chapter books that I read in primary school. I though Grub was a cool character and pretty much nicknamed myself from her character. I don't think I can be such a genius inventor like Grub though.