10 Jul 2009

winter warmer special

Inspired by Sakamoto-san's rice dishes I decided to try it myself :) A combination of shitake mushrooms, kent pumpkin, purple blue yam and chinese sausage along with jasmine and glutinous rice ready to go into the rice cooker. Didn't know if the pumpkin, yam and shitake will cook thoroughly in the steamer, so I boiled them before hand. I guess I must've boiled them too long as the pumpkin lost it shape and became mushy after steaming.

After steaming :) Adding a pinch of salt and Kikkoman soy sauce. Stir it all together...

Add chopped spring onion and coriander and some fried shallots to serve. And there you have it one winter warmer special.

Might add some chinese wine or some mirin to it next time to enhance the flavour.

Edit: Apparently, I was supposed to steam the rice with soy sauce, salt and other stuff...that can explain why the taste was plain even though I added so much soy after steaming. xD There's always next time :)